The children are the window of tomorrow 
the one that must be opened with wisdom. 
So that their hearts always palpitate 
with the flame of love that gave them life.


My name is Patricio Galvez and I am a Chilean / Swedish freelance musician living in Gothenburg Sweden. I am also the grandfather of seven orphaned children who are currently in al-Hol camp in northeast Syria. Help me  take them back home to Sweden please! In the menue you will find more info about my case and how you can help me and the children. 

Read the latest news here.

Thank you and a lot of love to you all! 

When I first met Patricio, I saw a large suitcase in his room packed with only children's clothes. For himself, he brought a small backpack with a couple of shirts. It's now been a month and Patricio is still in Erbil waiting for the final action to let him cross the border and get his grandchildren back.  

Photo and text: Rena Effendi  

Patricio holds his youngest malnourished grandson, one-year-old Mohammed in his arms in Hassakah hospital in Syria. 

"It felt like when I held my firstborn daughter for the first time" he said.

Photo and text: Rena Effendi  

Patricio visits a security officer in Syria and waits for his permission to be granted to visit the grandchildren in Al-Hawl camp.

Photo and text: Rena Effendi 


Thank you all for helping me and the children! I love you all, you are beautiful.

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